Features & Floor Plans


Modern Amenities

For us, sustainability is the key to good home builiding.

  • Metal "energy saver" roof
  • Durable plank vinyl flooring
  • Wood shaker style kitchen cabinets
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • "Synergy" system exterior or Hardie plank siding
  • Large master suite with walk-in closet
  • 1056 or 1248 square ft living area
  • Hurricane resistant  - up to 160 MPH
  • Fire, mold, mildew and termite resistant



Floor Plans

2 Bedroom / 2 Bath 


3 Bedroom / 3 Bath


All greenHAUS materials are packed smoothly and effortlessly to be shipped to your future neighborhood.
Once on site, your new greenHAUS home will be constructed efficiently and conveniently.

The green in greenHAUS represents sustainability

Sustainability is the use of thoughtful design and carefully selected materials combined to create an enviroment which requires less energy and fewer materials and resources throughout its lifespan.

Key factors contrubiting to the sustainability of the houses:

  • Compact and efficient design
  • Method of construction (patent pending)
  • Choice of environmentally conscious materials


  • Efficient planning results on smaller house, without any compromises in quality of space
  • Smaller house requires fewer materials, smaller volume to heat and cool, so smaller equipment and less energy are required, thus lower utility costs
  • LEED certifiable homes
  • Each home (all materials) is shipped in one container thus eliminating numerous on site deliveries

Method of Construction:

  • Factory built construction results in precise assembly, reduced material waste, a tighter and more efficient building envelope
  • Steel framing and patent pending structural connections provide resistance to extreme weather conditions, unrivaled in typical wood frame construction
  • Extremely short on site construction schedule - house can be fully assembled on site within 30 days from the completion of the slab using common house hold tools
  • 4' x 8' Steel frame and panel system provides increased fire resistance

Choice of Materials:

  • Construction materials carefully selected for maximizing recycled content, embodied energy, end of life recycling, low embodied energy: 
    • Metal roofs
    • Hardie siding
    • Metal framing
    • LED light fixtures
    • Energy Star appliances
    • Tankless water heater
    • Water Sense plumbing fixtures
    • Formaldehyde free cabinents
    • Locally sourced countertops
    • Recycled content flooring
    • VOC free interior paint
  • Materials optimized for reduced maintenance and longevity
  • Interior materials selected to provide improved indoor air quality, with no offgassing from embodied chemicals and mold resistance